April 13, 2002 – Almost Friday the 13th.  Hmmm…


Well, it was a busy week and an irritating one, too.  Some political crap at work is going on.  Part of it appears to be me getting shat upon (in the Queen’s English) and the other is the gross incompetency of some others shining ever so brightly. 


I am trying to contact a former co-worker to see if there is some wiring work at some ISDs (Independent School District) in the Dallas area.  His brother had a bunch of contracts with some and I figure a lot of the work is done on weekends.  It would mean extra money – something I never scoff at.


Beats trying to scrounge up contracting work during the week – which sucks because when shit goes wrong, you have to leave your FT job to fix issues.  Weekend work doing wiring would be quick, easy and I would be able to walk away knowing it works.


Other than that, I am busy, busy, busy.  I need a vacation.  Maybe LV in 3 weeks!