April 16, 2002 – Odd things are afoot at the Circle K. 


Tornadoes hit Ft. Worth (and a portion of Arlington) TX today.  It is déjà vu all over again.  This crap happened in March 2000 when I had just moved there and in 1999 when I was living in SW Oklahoma City.  Interestingly enough, since 1995, I have attracted quite a few disasters.


1995- Almost had my ass blown up in April.

1999- Almost had my ass sucked into a tornado in May.

2000- Almost had my ass sucked into yet another tornado in March.


So what fun things are going to happen next?  Who knows?


I have been coding a buttload of MRTG code the last two days and I am coded out.  HTML does the same to me at about half the pace.  I ‘code’ these pages in Word, save them as .htm files and manually configure the HTML page to display them.  Lazy?  Yes.  Quick?  Yes.  And some may ask why I don’t use Blogger or Grey Matter or the ilk.  Hmmm…dunno why.  I tend to be a bit of a control freak and a proponent of doing thinks the hard way.


I am (conscripted to be) on the Social Activities Committee at work.  The first meeting I attended was today and, of course, it was suggested I talk about a suggestion I made a week ago.  Blech.  Public Speaking.  It was not so bad since there were only 5 people there.


Looking back at the top of this…I should be worried since March-May seems to be a very bad time of year for me. 


Oh, and I hooked up the work web cam again.    If you are truly bored and want to ruin your appetite, come take a look: http://www.jonesnco.com/cam.htm


Happy upcoming b-day to Sara (http://www.whenimqueen.com)