April 18, 2002 – Blech!  Or as Sara says, “Psh”.  I woke up with the usual pain in the right knee but today it was worse.  I actually started a bit of a limp.  By ‘lunch’ (well, 3pm for me), I stretched the hell out of my right thigh and it helped a little.  If it keeps up, I will have to hit the doctor on Monday or so.


House hunting is ongoing.  The lender spent 2 days LONGER than promised to get the approval to me so the one house I wanted is already under contract.  I am tempted to not use them at all now.  I get to spend half of tomorrow with the real estate agent looking at houses and perhaps another 2-3 days on top of that.  So far, I have been horribly unimpressed with what I have seen.  If this keeps up, I may just opt for newly built (again). 


I now have a new Blogger Insider partner, Giorgia (http://romebean.cjb.net) who will hopefully notice I spelled her name properly, thus avoiding one of her pet peeves.  I sent her my list of questions today just after receiving her list.  I guess I have some questions to answer this weekend.


I am waffling on Interop this year.  I did get an email about an MPLS class that is free.  That, in itself, makes the trip tempting.  Maybe I will feel better once the house issue is resolved.  That, and finding a willing travel partner since NO ONE WANTS TO GO!  If you do, email me.