April 19th, 2002 – It appears I will be permitted the luxury, for the first time in 6 years, of being able to live through an April 19th without hearing the ceaseless whining of people on the TV.  Thank God.  I can barely tolerate the Sept 11th stuff as it is.


My head has been hurting most of the day.  I spent half the day on appointments trying to get problems resolved and that contributed to the headache.  Shitty driving on the part of almost everyone who owns a car and decided to drive in my general area was also a prominent factor.


So, I head back to work…headache killing me and I have to finish up some coding.  I am not a coder.  I am bad at it for the most part.  But doing it with a headache is likely on a modernized list of tortures in Hell.  The remainder of the job is looking at Backup Exec for issues with a full system backup (change control window this weekend).  It is a whopping 1/3 done and doing fine.  Oh, and I am hungry, too (no lunch or breakfast).


I did talk to Leonard (old coworker) who is willing to meet me in LV the week of May 6th.  It is an easy trip for him (he is in San Francisco) but I went to Interop last year alone and it was not a pleasant experience.  Well, let me clarify…the one person I knew in LV moved away a week before I went to Interop so I ended up pretty much alone.  And, no one at my work wanted to go.  God forbid you might learn something new…


I did solve one mystery (the person at work who was reading my page) but another has popped up.  I keep getting these email messages saying some anonymous person thinks I have a crush on them or the anonymous person has a crush on me from a few different ‘crush’ sites.  I don’t know if someone is pulling a joke (hey, April 1 came and went, folks) or what.  I have been just deleting them since I am sure if I respond to the email, I will receive a plethora of crap from the site AND it will ask me to guess who the fuck I think has a crush on me (by email address, of course) so it can spam them, too.