April 23, 2002 – Well, really 4-24 since it is after 12:00 am.  I finished up the junk work at work.  Three total server builds, one is the final product.  If I thought I was coded out, I am now OS installed out. 


Tonight I saw some odd crap on the cable modem link I am using so I called the provider.  When the tech answered, I told her the specifics of what I saw.  She would respond, “Yes, there is a network issue with _____” and I would ask her specifically, based on the things I was seeing, if a specific problem was occurring.  I nailed both of the issues (a router maintenance issue and a DHCP lease issue).  I maybe wonder if that is an indication I should take up learning SONET and DOCSIS…;)   Do I smell a new job?


I just found out there is a cool wireless group at Interop this year…even more incentive.  I found airfare from D/FW to LV AND accommodations at the Luxor for very good price.  I am trying to call a few people to see if they want to meet me there.  I think Leonard will.  Phil W. might (can’t seem to get him on the phone).  I may ask a few non-networking people I know if they want to go just for grins.  I did ask one other former employee from Clearliar but that was a dead end. 


New place to live is on.  I should have the paperwork tomorrow.  That will be a big load off my mind.  I expect to finalize the move by end of May/beginning of June.  That gives me a good amount of time to study…with a lab.


Work is work.  The cam is up…I am often not on it…


I may be setting up Greymatter on a stand-alone server at work for a project (proof-of-concept-type of thing).  Who knows…if I like it enough, I may adopt it for this task.


Followup to Erica Lynn’s BI question #6: I think the relationship may well be a non-issue and I am talking to one of the two co-workers mentioned. 

Followup to Giogia’s BI question #10: I shamefully neglected to mention the other (sometimes) brunette I have a thing for…Mira Sorvino.  Replacement Killers….mmmm.  However, this is likely a coincidence since I can think of no other Italian women who fit that category but I will think on that one for a while.