April 26, 2002 – Again, I can’t sleep.  A few people have asked if I have meds for this problem.  No, not anymore.  I had some but took them all over several months.  I am not a big fan of medication since it never worked well for me. 


Work was calm this week.  I spent hours getting damned irritated trying to get Greymatter to install in IIS.  I would never work – no matter what I did.  After 4 tries, I just downloaded Apache for NT and copied a dozen files.  Greymatter ran without any problems in Apache.  <yodaspeak>Piece of crap web server IIS is</yodaspeak>.  Forget that cgi is damn near a standard in the web world, let’s just cripple the ability to use it.  I hate Microsoft sometimes.


I spent most of Thursday with the above IIS/Apache issue.  In addition, I was messing with an SSL certificate replacement and some HTML for the MRTG server.  I was impressed how fast Verisign was in getting the replacement to me (45 minutes!).  They told me last week 2-3 days.  I guess the bashing they had a few months ago for lack of customer service caused them to ramp up.  The HTML was easy stuff…just linking other HTML docs into an index file.  But, it completely organized the front end of MRTG.  No, the Apache work is not for MRTG.  I run it on a freeware piece of crap web server called WebWeaver but I will likely move away from the WebWeaver and use IIS or Apache.  Apache is so different than IIS it will cause a learning curve.  WebWeaver has not proven to be too stable.  I guess I can learn Apache at work (I may have a book here somewhere on it) and add it as an item on the resume. 


I also had 3 or 4 vendors call and pester the hell out of me.  I am hoping to get a web filtering appliance to test for a month or so.  I really just want to baseline the web usage with the logging feature in the appliance.  It would be nice if the device is cheap enough I could use it at home.  If not, I guess I will be putting ISA server on a PC and learning how to use it.


People’s stupidity seems to know no bounds.  Now, I have no issues with my immediate co-workers but the idiocy I hear and see in other places amazes me.  No details for now since I am watching it all – like a Three Stooges episode that is so true to life it isn’t funny.  I feel like one of the only professors in a world of Gilligans. 


Someone who works at my work prompted the prior statement, in part.  Everything with the potential romantic relationship seems more, um, copasetic.  We’ll see – perhaps in 2 weeks, more likely in 4-5.