April 29, 2002 – 3 hours of sleep.  That was all I can expect, I suppose.


This weekend sucked pretty much.  My lack of motivation was evident.  I was unable to find anyone to definitively give a nod to go to Interop other than Chuck from Tiara Networks.  Chuck is an engineer for them and I guess he was conscripted to set up their booth at Interop.  I have to make arrangements to go but there is a travel agent in town selling air and hotel to LV for under $300.  MLT Vacations failed to every put up a price which was competitive…go figure.  How much you wanna bet I end up going on one of their charters through the agent.  Ha!  Leonard may be there, too.  I will pester him later this week about it.


Other things that made the weekend suck…I was blown off by someone.  There was nothing on TV.  I did nothing on the Win2k server I am testing with (I was supposed to install Apache 2.x for Win32).  I found out there is a VH1 Classic channel being tested on cable.  It reminds me how fucking shitty my high school days were – both a result of horrid music and retched people.  No, I am NOT in a mood to reminisce.


So, a suck weekend goes by and Monday hits…well, other than the lack of sleep Sunday night and being tired, Monday was ok.  I stared at MRTG graphs most of the day.  I have to do uptime reports and network utilization reports tomorrow.  Boring.