April 8th, 2002 – Moving is half over.  The movers have my crap in storage until I have a place for them to deliver.  I am spending this week and next finding such a place.  It is less hell than physically moving but hell nonetheless.


The moving quote fiasco has been escalated to the internal auditor and risk management teams.  It turns out one of the Risk Management guys (I had never met him until today) is being moved from out of state by this mover this week.  He is going to grill over all the details and get the quote inventory to get competitive quotes.  I bet money he finds out my employer is being shafted.  All I know is the manager who owns this contract seems highly defensive – trying very hard to justify the costs.  To me (yes, my view is biased), she is failing. 


I bailed on a server build on Friday because we found some data that was still being used in production.  I am unsure how this was missed but had I not been so damned paranoid, it would have been deleted.  Instead, we moved it to the production server and schooled the end-users how to get to it.  I left the server off until today just to see if there were additional complaints about lack of access to nebulous data stores.  Once noon hit today and someone familiar with the data kept on that server was consulted, I rebuilt it.  Two hours.  No bad timing.  The damned RAID firmware upgrade and code for the SCSI drives took longer than the OS.  Go figure…


All that matters is it is done…24 hours before the deadline.  Now, I can hand it off.