February 26, 2002 – Must’ve blown a fuse, nothing going on…  Well, I received an email from a friend in Germany who will be in Phoenix next month.  That was cool because she was planning on going to New York but decided on Arizona.  Why cool?  It is easier and cheaper for me to fly to Arizona or her to fly here.  She will be in the states for at least 6 months.  Coolness.


So…from work, I decided to call her (thanks, net2phone.com) and talk about her trip here and stuff in general.  It was a good conversation and helped make the day a bit brighter – not that work was bad.  In fact, it was an exercise in flash fire fighting.  Lots of little fires had to be put out.  I did get some attention by calling the cabling guys ‘sons of bitches’ for hacking cables in the raised floor without pulling the keystone jacks.  I spent about 10 minutes troubleshooting a connection for a move only to pull the jack panel and find 8 cut cables.  Throw me a frickin’ bone here people…I need the info.


There are some more political rumblings at work.  Nothing that seems close to my department but closer to home than the CIO (Career Is Over) departure.  I guess I will see how it pans out in the next week or so.  I might make for some slightly amusing antics.  All I can say is I am staying SO far away from it. 


My boss wants me to attend a VoIP conference (free) and that will kill Thursday if we go.  Kind of odd since we are short handed at work (medical leave for a co-worker).  I was irritated at the fact I completely forgot a free half-day educational seminar last week – and it was something I wanted to go to (NAI’s Sniffer).  Here is the long story.  Last December, there was a cool-as-shit seminar on Sniffer’s new wireless product.  I was psyched.  Unfortunately, weather killed the trip and I was high and dry (no planned reschedule).  I received a notice of a seminar for last week (despite it not being the wireless product – just the stock Sniffer) and figured I would go.  Ah, c’est la vie qui chie.


For summer educational ops, I think Networld is a definite and Networkers in San Diego is likely.  I have friends in San Diego I can visit while I am there.  (No, I have no plans to go to Tijuana or any other part of Mexico)  The Networkers deal is in June (I think) and Interop is in May.  Too soon to be planning the trips but just the right time to plan to meet friends…so off to email I go.