February 4, 2002 – Nothing much going on here.  Working, reading, studying, repeat.  Work is kind of bizarre because there is a large project requiring all equipment and office furniture to be moved across the building.  Needless to day, this causes some upheaval in the workplace.


I did get word today a friend in Europe now has her visa and will be in the US in 4-6 weeks.  She is single… hmmm.  (Those who know me would guess she is French or Dutch.  Neither – she is German)


Oh, and I am planning now for the Network Interop show in Las Vegas (http://www.key3media.com/interop/lv2002/index.php) in May.  I have no idea at this point which hotel (ask me in April or so) but Leonard may be going and Phillip Warren seems interested.  Unfortunately, no one at work will likely go. 


Well, that’s it for now.  More later.