February 9, 2002 – What a crappy crescendo to the week.  I scheduled an after-work happy hour get-together in conjunction with a few other co-workers and no one showed.  The basis of this was to create a non-clique-ish place for us to meet and talk shop or not talk shop.  What irritates me is, within a week, I will hear someone say something about how people at work should get together or my employer should sponsor employee activites.  Well, screw that.  Someone tried, no one showed, shut the fuck up.


I have been playing with some 802.11b wireless gear.  Some of what I am doing is hacky, some is straight-forward.  It is all working well.  I just wish I could get an 802.1x client for Windows 2000 (Funk Software has one but it costs).  I tried XP Pro.  I think it sucks.  I expect Daffy fucking Duck to do his ‘spin, dodge, parry’ routine with my mouse point in XP.  I have to wonder if it in fact not WinME on steroids – bad ones, at that.  Think about this: even MSN Messenger has a ‘special version’ for XP.  The Win2k, NT, 9x versions are the old code.  If XP is some natural extension of Win2k, why the different code?  So, at this point, 802.1x is the only reason I even care to look XP’s way.  So…come on Funk.  Let us demo the client!


I can always hold out hope for Funk to pass out software at Interop in May.  I also hope Tiara Networks is there among others.  And, with any luck, maybe some friends, too.