July 10, 2002- Just a short note…Nothing much has happened this week…or last week, for that matter.  Work has been work.  I am very unmotivated to unpack but highly motivated to make some major configuration changes on the switches at work.  Trouble with that is the changes on the switch can only take place after hours – when I am supposed to be unpacking.  I think Friday night will give me the opportunity to do some of them.


As far as everything else, yeah, there still are, I guess, two women at work I am interested in – both unavailable, of course.  I have three possible outlets to the dead-end work is but won’t go into too much detail yet.


I may have a line on setting up wireless for a local café chain (3 or 4 stores).  I will be good practice for the wireless cert.  It might also give me some clout to approach the local airport to offer the same services.


I went wardriving last weekend.  Found three wireless nets – only one was encrypted (WEP).  The other two had no egress to the internet – one was a dipshit local attorney who had his PC wide open (shared root directories) and the other was a college that set up a test AP.  It was hooked to a Cabletron switch but the switch was standalone – no networks were connected.  I could see BPDUs for one switch and it was indicating it was the root bridge.  No other BPDUs were being advertised.  Regardless, it only meant we could not hop onto the Internet over an AP.  No biggie.


I plan to order a pigtail adapter for my Orinoco card.  I have a large patch antenna for 2.4GHz and it will connect nicely.  That will likely give me an outdoor range of 1 mile easily.  I may even be able to build a Yagi antenna but that is much further down the road.


I am tired…going on 3 hours of sleep from last night.  I will quit rambling on and on and on.