July 19th, 2002 – I was off Thursday and may be off Friday (at least most of the day).  It was kind of good to get away from work although it did follow me a bit (two phone calls related to work).  I was able to get SBC to fix my order for DSL but did not get Allstate to fix my insurance (waiting for the phone call on that). 


I received my antenna pigtail connector for my Orinoco card(s) but have the wrong type of connector.  I ordered a barrel connector to fix that problem.  I will be interested in seeing how it affects the wireless signal I have here.  I know it will make wardriving easier.  ;)


I have been discussing with some co-workers (in another, distant department) one of the two people at work I am curious about (how PC of me…).  Sadly, I hear she is ‘immature’ – which is typical.


The new 2nd shift sysadmin should start Monday.  That should take some load off me as far as server crap.  I need to focus on network changes I want to make.  It is tempting to put a router to filter traffic for the upcoming x.x.65.0/24 network (which is actually to be half the x.x.64.0/23 network).  I want to just put all client machines on the .65.0 network.  I will just have to mull that over.


Sometimes, I meet someone who doesn’t initially seem very smart but, after some time, I get the impression they gave up trying sometime in the past.  And, after some more time, I can see there are still some smoldering embers buried in there and I want to blow on them, spark them back up…get that person in the mode to grow again.  It is frustrating when they just don’t seem to care – even if I offer to help.