July 25, 2002 – At work and keeping busy.  Nothing much is going on other than all my family is gone until the end of next week.  I slept about 15 hours last night to try and catch up for not sleeping almost any the night before (3 hours or so).


I will start studying for the routing exam I want to take.  I brought my Cisco 1605-r to work in case I decide to study any here…not that I expect it to be a robust BGP router but, by the same token, I am not exactly peering up with an AT&T edge router, am I?


I reloaded the IOS 12.2 code on the 2505 and, well, it still takes almost 5 minutes to boot.  I am guessing it is a combination of the code taking up almost all the flash memory in the router (16 MB) and the poor router only having a 68000 processor to uncompress the image and run it.  I need to get an IP/IPX only copy of the code that allows IPSec.  I would think that code image would be only 10-11 MB. 


I am going to start some change control documentation after lunch.  It is getting close to 2pm and I am hungry.