June 14, 2002 – Some odd things are happening as of late.  First, I have been in a horrible mood and have been going off on people for the slightest hint of what I perceive to be irresponsibility that affects me in any way.  For example, two people have been ripped new assholes this week for stating one thing to me on the phone and trying to later tell me something quite different.  I don’t mean slight things…I mean major ones.  Like scheduling something that will encompass an entire day of my time and then rescheduling without notice AFTER I had arranged the time to do what was scheduled.  New asshole ripping number three will be happening on Monday, I think. 


Another odd thing that is happening is I keep getting odd senses of things.  I tend to have a strong olfactory sense (unless the rare cold or flu hits).  Twice this week, some odd smell from memory has hit me.  Today, for example, I smelled something distinct while walking toward a restaurant I frequent.  It immediately struck me as the smell grasshoppers emit when they are caught (and panicking).  I remember this from my youth since it has been probably a dozen years since I have even tried to catch a grasshopper.  Maybe it is the smell of the goo they spit out…I dunno.  Anyway, the smell struck not a specific memory but a vague one…just of a grasshopper caught and held by its hind legs.  And, yes, crickets smell quite different than grasshoppers. 


Earlier this week, a different smell hit me.  For whatever reason, I can’t remember what it was now but it was another long-forgotten smell.  Kind of like the memory of black powder from firecrackers (not burning black powder, loose black powder) or the smell of brass residue once it has rubbed off on my hand from me having touched it (which, by the way, is a smell I dislike intensely). 


One thing I need to update once I get some time (HA!), I do have a few pet peeves.  I can put them in my FAQ since it needs updating (courtesy of Sara’s prodding me about it being old).  I hate, absolutely hate, getting my socks wet when I am wearing them.  If I am walking around without shoes on and step on something wet (often, a doormat the day after a rain that LOOKS dry but is soaked), it causes my blood pressure to shoot up and I will often curse until the socks are removed.  Don’t ask my why this is…it just is.


Oh, I remember the smell from earlier in the week.  It was that ionized smell that the old electric car racetracks and electric trains put off.  Nothing was near me to make me even thing of it but it just hit me all the sudden and I remembered the black, slotted, plastic tracks and the cars going around controlled by a black plastic controller with a trigger to make the cars start and stop.    Yes, a little more specific of a memory but not quite one I specifically remember me doing exactly…just more general.


OK, perhaps I am going insane and producing the mutterings of a madman.  Go ahead!  Call the psych ward!  Shoot me full of thorazine and prop me up to watch Springer and Povich all damned day!  Just not Oprah…that would drive me more insane that watching Cthulhu doing a metallic Unicorn in the doo-doo hole while Ron Jeremy sold Extenz to a gaggle of Catholic priests who were lining up to gang rape Martha Stewart dressed as the Little Dutch Boy…but I digress…and leave you with that wonderful image…hope it doesn’t emote any distant, remembered senses in you.