June 23, 2002 (really early in the AM) – At last, I get to have my brain pummeled at the upcoming Cisco Networkers conference in San Diego.  Time to get in ‘sponge’ mode.


I am meeting several former co-workers there.  My plane leaves in about 10 hours and I will (hopefully) soon get some sleep.


More importantly, I get a week away from work.  Yeah, I did that last month at Interop but I ended up doing that trip alone (again) and it made it much less enjoyable.  I would like to go back to LV…maybe in July.


Since things are very settled down now, I feel much more at ease to do some things.  I have about 4 chapters to choke down before I take my Wednesday test.  So far, the material is fairly easy to digest.  If I can knock out four exams (including Wednesday’s) and the one additional wireless one I want by November, I will be more than on schedule for my plans next summer – one month ahead, to be precise.  It would be awesome to visit some friends in Europe in February when the airfare drops to very reasonable rates.


Went out Friday night with someone I met through a person at work.  Not much happened.  There was one coquine (yes, that is French.  No, go find the definition yourself.) at one of the places I was at.  I may have to inquire more information about her at a later date.  Fortunately, I do know where to get “the info”. </dr. evil voice>


I will be on AIM, etc in San Diego.  Also, I will be available via email as the entire show has wireless APs on site for attendees to use (much like Interop).


It appears they grow them like this in Venezuela.  Damn, I should be planning to go there…