June 25, 2002 – Ah, I am in San Diego.  Tomorrow is the first (and most hellish) day of training.  I am in class from roughly 9am to 9pm.  I MAY be online during the classes but will most likely not be able to respond quickly.


About San Diego.  Well, the food is decent.  The people seem more, um, cold that I expected.  Physically, I have not seen too many people who fit the ‘surgically enhanced to perfection’ types…just lots of boob jobs.


Landing in San Diego is almost an exercise in terror!  The plan dropped down to about 150 feet over HOUSES!  The roofs were damned close.  That continued for about 20 seconds and then we passed the freeway (I-5, I think).  Once that was over, the plane drops about 100 feet rapidly and then lands normally.  It was just an unnerving landing.


I am only one chapter short of finishing my book.  If things go well, I may actually have a chance to pass this exam.  The material is fresh, I am reviewing it and it seems to be sticking.  I will just have to review nightly until the Thursday testing day.


I am thinking of Dallas and Las Vegas trips.  I may have some people who will travel with me.  Just have to coerce, er, talk to them about it. 


Well, it is 1am in California and I will be waking up at 8am.  The meds are kicking in so goodbye for now.