June 3, 2002 – I have been reading about Lance Bass and his on-again, off-again plans to travel to the ISS via the Russian Space Agency.  There seems to be a ton of criticism about it.  I have this much to say about it: I think for him it is a good idea.  Whether it is some dream of his or a publicity stunt, he is investing money in his career.  NSync will not last forever, of the five members he probably has the most talent (think about it, he actually has had some television and movie roles) and the worst case scenario for him is he blows a wad of cash for a unique (well, fairly unique trip) to space and goes down in history for a few notable achievements: 1st pop star in space and youngest person in space.  All he is doing is making his 15 minutes of fame last for as long as possible…and I can’t say I blame him.  Completely beside the point to this is the fact for some unknown reason young girls like Justin Timberlake more than Lance Bass.  Given my entire lack of ability to empathize with females, I would have though Lance would have been seen as the ‘cute’ one.  He’s blond, seems to have a similar facial makeup to that of other popular male stars and Justin, to me, looks goofy.  Shaving his head only confirmed to me that no matter what he does, he still looks goofy.  Yet, Britney Spears is yanking his crank. What the fuck do I know?


Last week, work was sucking.  Long hours but it seems as if I have persevered.  The servers, which were acting flakier than a leper colony, seem stable.  I still am not studying as much as I need.  Moving in to the new house is pending (which will eat up at least a day).  Sprint PCS has further pissed me off by not responding to a request to verify a trouble ticket I called in even exists (two of their CS reps said it did, one was adamant it didn’t.


Oh, and I posted a link to an article on fark.com and it never shows up on their page.  However, two days later, someone else posts it and there it is.  I check my profile and I have no credit for the posting.  Kinda bullshitty, IMO!


Work wants to move to two shifts.  It looks like I get on call duties.  This either means a little more money or an extra day off every three weeks or so.  I think I may opt for the days off despite the fact I get a buttload of vacation at this job as it is.