June 7th, 2002 – House is bought, utilities are moved, broadband is on its way!  Whoo hoo!


Today is a pretty good day (or it was, given it is actually 1:08 am).  I got a lot of crap done today, had a good day at work, found a shite-load of cert info online.


I do have a few ranty things to discuss.  First, I shot off an email response to an MSNBC.COM article written on dating.  Let’s see if this reporter responds unlike the prior reporter (she never published again after my ranting email...dunno if there is a correlation but I hope so).


Today at work, there was a meeting of the facility (well, at least my side).  We listened to a man who is effectively the head of political lobbying for ACS.  Pretty decent info.  I wanted to talk to him after the presentation but he was pretty much surrounded…I guess that is what email is for, eh?


Sara STILL DOES NOT have her site back up.  Come on, girl…this stuff is your passion.  ;)


AIM is down, has been for about 30 minutes.  I am unsure what the hell they are doing.  I never have seen any notification about it.


Today at work (also), I noticed a few interesting things.  One, a co-worker who I think I mentioned before here was doing a bit of ‘rhino-rectal massaging’ in another coworker she had been badmouthing a few weeks before.  Needless to say, this is an open invitation to write her off as a lost cause but, hell, I had done that after her bf ranting and subsequent (really subsequent, as in that evening) engagement to the “immature” bf.  Clues should be on sale at Wal-Mart so dipshits like this can buy them.


Also, the only other attractive, single (well, not married) and seemingly quasi-intelligent female lifeform I tend to notice at work was wearing, well, very tight, showy clothing.  Yes, it was a dumbed-down day for me to have so little of ANY substance to talk about other than the females at work.


AIM just came back up...and no one is on.  WTF did I expect?


It will kick some ass to have my set up back in operation.  I hope to set up the housecam and one at work.  And, I also plan to get some pictures processed and maybe some videos.  But, I also need to get the damned switch exam knocked out.


Personally, I think I need to take my CF reader to work and process some pics off my camera and take some pics at work.  Then, I can post them….here.  Hmmm…  gotta think about that. 


Enough of my mindless rambling…I promise something more substantive next time.