March 27, 2002 – I actually am in the perfect mood to rant ENDLESSLY over crap but I am sadly in too fucking much of a hurry to type much so here goes. 


I work in a service industry of sorts.  IT provides network services and data storage and processing services.  I tend to think I do a decent job at it.  Although many reviews I have speak glowingly of me, I know there are many who smoke me in the amount of work they do, the amount of dedication, etc.  So, I lump myself in ‘average’.  That is where I put my ‘average’ bar when I measure other service industries - be it waitstaff (whom I tend to tip well for good service…unlike many) or higher end stuff like banks, long distance service, etc.  So, where am I going with this?  Well, two directions, actually.  


I am pissed because I was called on late Monday regarding some paperwork I have to have signed and turned in.  I explained, clearly, that Friday would be the latest I would have it show up there.  That was ‘ok’ed by the person I was talking to (a broker).  Then, I get a call tonight from the assistant of the aforementioned person saying TOMORROW was the absolute deadline and I had to overnight it ASAP.  Well, fuck.  I don’t have the paperwork on me at work (why the hell would I?) so I finish up my shit and head home (it is close to 7pm by now).  I get home and the goddamn paperwork must be notarized.  Where can I find a notary at 8pm?  Good question.  The answer is, I can’t.  So, I can opt to send the paperwork without the notary stamp (and likely legally invalidates the paperwork) which would likely screw the pooch on the whole deal OR sit on this damned things and have to drive 200+ miles to hand deliver the paperwork with the notary seal and lose a day of work and a bottle of Xanax – unless it would be considered justifiable homicide to kill idiots, but I digress.  I guess I might have a third option of telling everyone involved to fuck off since they have been completely non-forthcoming in all aspects to date.  If your job it to assist me in completing a transaction legally and timely, DO NOT call me with last minute ‘Oh, I forgot…’ bullshit.


Secondly, and this will seem like a complete nonsequitor but bear with me, I am told at work by a friend (or the closest thing to one I have there) of a comment made about me by a co-worker.  Not anything overtly negative but I was ‘generalized’ in the comment.  What makes matters worse is I am tempted to unload on the co-worker.  Here are the specifics.   The generalization is paramount, to me, of a racial epithet.  It is ironic because the person making it a) is a minority and, b) has a brother to whom the generalization would apply if generalizations are true (which they rarely are).  Both of these would, in my opinion, make for some empathic desire not to place such labels.  I guess I missed the part of Dr. King’s speech about classism or prejudice being the culmination of the children of all races playing together in the park.  Yes, that was sarcasm, kids.


So, I try to do a good job at work, in my field of work to be more accurate, and I am judged as unworthy and lowly for it.  Reminds me of that ‘placism’ speech in Any Given Sunday.  I really am starting to hate this place…again.