May 10, 2002 – Ah, home at last.  Long trip but decent.  The show was tighter, more techie than previous years. 


I had some interesting goings-on on Thursday night.  I am not going to comment on it just yet…maybe in a day or two.  I have to see how some actions on my part pan out.  I did find out the Defcon convention is in August, not July (as usual) so my next trip to LV may not be until then.


Final swag tally: 5 t-shirts, a Leatherman-style tool, some toys, a Frisbee and a plethora of paperwork to read.  It was, however, a light year compare to some others. 


I had about 3 hours or REALLY BAD sleep on Thursday night/Friday morning.  I was actually tired enough to sleep on a plane without the aid of Xanax – but only little patches of microsleep. 


I have laundry to do and a lot to read.  Next week will prove to be busy with little errands lining up already. 


I may be moving to another hosting provider.  The downtime notices I get are getting more numerous.  I’m sorry; working with web and application servers makes one very prone to judge downtime against a provider.  I may not do much with this site but if I had as much downtime at my work, well, there’d be problems.  As an FYI, my last availability report averaged >99.9% uptime – and that was testing the HTTP service, not just ICMP connectivity.  That is what I expect out of people I pay.