May 16, 2002 – Well, things SEEMED normalized (sleep-wise) but here I am…unable to sleep.  This cold I seemed to have caught is not helping.  I initially thought it was some allergy to something in the hotel room but it is hanging around a bit too long.  An allergy would have gone away after 24-48 hours.  That does not dismiss the fact there was some odd odor coming from the air conditioning unit that smelled a bit like rotting orange peels...but I digress.


It looks like the San Diego trip schedule is progressing well.  I have never been to San Diego and I am not going there alone.  That last comment may strike some as odd.  Let me explain…


I hate going places alone.  Hell, a lot of the time I hate being alone but much more so in places I am out of sorts.  So, when the Las Vegas trip was approaching, I called a few people I knew and asked if anyone had scheduled time to go.  Well, one person had a valid excuse not to go but no one else did.  In fact, some people ignored me and wouldn’t respond to email or phone calls when they knew all I wanted was a yes or no answer as to whether or not they were going.  (Yes, I am in a bit of a ranty mood)  I did a good job, in my opinion, of keeping myself busy.  Certain things helped (eg. going to Interop, dining, a little gambling, someone named Christy…um, ignore that, ok?) made the trip much more tolerable and I was able to keep my mind (no, that is NOT a metaphor for something else) occupied.  OK, change of subject.


I was at work today and there is a new guy starting: a DBA for the SQL servers.  Some of my podmates were talking about people at work.  It put me in a bit of a ranty mood, which has carried over to tonight.  The new guy was fairly inquisitive as to who was who and where they fit into the social scheme.  We told him what we knew.  It was kind of interesting to hear some of the other people’s opinions.  I found out one group at work has nicknames for a lot of people at work.  I am kind of curious what mine is.


I received an email from the editor of Network World and the op-ed email I sent as feedback to an article is being published.  I will just have to keep an eye out on the next issue and see if it is in there.


Souvent, je souhaite visiter mes amis en France.  Ma vie était un peu plus simple…avec beaucoup d’amis et il y avait une sens de, pour absence d’un mot meilleur, famille parmi moi et mes amis.  Cette sens me manque.  Je dois rappelle…en 2003, en 2003.  Je veux ‘chercher’ une petite amie pendant la visite.  Pourquoi?  Je suis fatigue des connes américaines qui me fait chier avec leurs conneries et l’objectivation d’eux-memes.  Je veux trouver un job aussi, pas permanent mais pour l’été.  Peut-être avec une compagnie de telecomm ou de réseaux.  Je peux apprendre les technologies en Europe (les lignes ‘E’).  Si j’ai la chance, je trouverai l’un et l’autre et je peux rester la-bas (en Paris ou parmi Paris).  Et les salopes ici peuvent garder les salauds de maris et je m’en foutrais.