May 6, 2002 – Las Vegas.  I will be there this week.  Specifically, at the Interop show.  Since everyone I know pretty much bailed on going this year (just like last year but only a few had just reason this year), I will be hanging out alone other than a few vendor reps I know. 


I am planning on have my cam with me and taking some cam shots of the convention center and maybe things about the hotel I am staying at.  I will also be doing some updating.


Playing with Greymatter in Apache for Win32, I have gotten it working.  What I am unsure about is permission issues.  In Unix, I know there are a handful of permission changes to specific files and directories.  Same with IIS and NT (although I never got Greymatter to work in IIS 5.0) so I want to do one more install, document the hell out of it, test it from different workstation as both an admin level user and a grunt user and maybe send the docs to some of the Greymatter support sites I have seen.  Will I push it out to my site?  Maybe.  I can see how it makes for some easier updating.  I think I would opt for the index file created by Greymatter to be targeted to a frame on the true index file for the site so the overall design can be done outside the Greymatter product.


I FINALLY started the Switching book this weekend.  It looks like it covers material I already know but I can smooth out the minutiae and I think I will be ready for the exam in late June. 


It will be an interesting week…and I get some time ‘off’ from work.  Next trip (other than road trip)…San Diego in late June.