October 8th – Off of my lazy ass!


Well, an update a last.  And a lot has happened. 


First, I am not longer at that shithole of an employer, Clearwire.  I left in August and firmly feel it was the best move possible.  I had a good offer from elsewhere and it was obvious Slackwire (or Cyrwire or Shitwire – depends on your attitude) was a sinking ship and the rats must scurry…  ;)  (I will attend the liquidation auction when it happens)


I am now working for, of all things, a non-profit organization.  The hours are great (about half of the real hours I was working.  Twice the days off, same pay, more to do that I like to do, some paid education, etc.  I actually have time for studying.  I had finished one round of my Cisco studying in the summer and am close to finishing the second round. 


Many of my old co-workers are out of work after severe layoffs (occurring just a month after I left).  If my employer were hiring, I’d throw them some lines (so I am checking on it for them).


Other than the change in work, things are going well.  My plans to visit some friends overseas were put on hold as a result of some, well, unfortunate events in New York and DC.  The opportunity will likely be available in the winter – when the rates are cheaper.  Until then, they will have to rely on email to contact me but I can call them cheap (thanks, Net2Phone).  For one friend I am hoping to take a laptop for Internet access.  I will likely buy it from work (another perk, they sell of end-of-life computers for cheap). 


Once they put in the fast link at work, I will consider putting a cam online at work and working on uploading the pics, real-time, to the web site.  But that is a bit low on the priority list as I have 300+ pages to read, practice tests to take and a real exam to pass.


A bientot, salauds!!!